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Maui Style
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“Do It Maui Style!”

“Maui Style”….Where Joy magically flows.
At Maui Style our mission is to take you to a place where you fully and unmistakably experience Joy, Happiness, and Complete Exhilaration. “Maui Style” is about One Thing….You….Magically and Totally Immersed in Fun….Amazing Fun!


A One-of-a-Kind Experience
Your Own Private Island
Aqua Luxury Lounges

A Revolution in Resort Relaxation

Maui Floating CabanaAqua Luxury Lounges

• 3 Hours of Fun
• Full Butler Service
• Gourmet Food*
• Ice Chest & Dry Storage
• Bluetooth Speaker for Your Music
• Adjustable Sun Shade and Umbrella
• Removable Floating Lounge Cushions
• 12 Degrees Cooler than Beach Cabanas
• Lounges Can Attach Together for Groups
• Exclusively Available in Hawaii at Maui Style

*additional charge

Let us “WOW” you with Full Butler Service, Gourmet Food and Bluetooth Speakers for Your Music Enjoyment!

Maui Water LoungeDon’t spend your Maui day in a hot boring beach cabana, when you can experience a whole new level of Luxurious Privacy and Relaxation on a Floating Cabana…..Aqua Luxury Lounges (available exclusively in Hawaii through Maui Style).  Yes, just imagine the unique comfort of having your own private island with the convenience of an umbrella, canopy shade, a built-in cooler, and dry storage, as you relax to the gentle movement of the ocean waves, while supported by our soft as a cloud lounge cushions (lounge cushions can be removed from the Aqua Luxury Lounge and used as stand-alone floats).

Anchored in shallow water, just off the beach, you’ll be wowed by our Full Butler Service and Gourmet Food.  Whether you prefer full sun, full shade, a view of the beach or a view of the blue ocean, our Butler Staff will position your Lounge in the direction that’s just right for you.  Our guests love that our Floating Cabanas are about 12 degrees cooler than beach cabanas, because of their being surrounded by the refreshing waters of the Pacific.  If you are visiting us as a group, please ask about our attaching multiple Lounges in your party together, if that might make your tour more fun.